Kalpanik Games not only develops, but also helps other developers in developing and publishing great games. we partners with highly talented developers to bring high-quality, fresh and innovative handheld games to our growing global network of players. Kalpanik's state-of-the-art production studio employs a multi-disciplinary, cross-skilled team comprising of game designers, concept artists, 2D and 3D graphic artists, pixel artists, modelers, programmers, project managers, game testers, and creative writers. Kalpanik games has the expertise to develop great 2D / 3D games which are fun to play, addictive, challenging and appealing to all age groups globally. Our main focus is on delivering high quality games which are innovative in content and something which is exceptional and unique.

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We create Rocksolid 2D or 3D games. Our Core team helps you to build Awesome and beautiful looking Games, With unique methodology we help you to grow and connect your audiance network.
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There are so many platforms to target your audience. We Program your games for cross platform. We create multiplatform success with full range of mobile, VR, desktop, Web, Console and TV platforms.
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