Kalpanik Games is a very dynamic company holds a great experience of working and a unique model of business. We practise the basic principles of successful business model, when it comes to investment from outside or investors, we try to achieve the profitability or return on investment in a planned and procedural way.

We believe, Created Intellectual property or Idea will not fail if proper planning is made and the attitude of doing business also matters for success of any organisation.

Our love for creative art and gaming industry gives us challenge to create something which will be remembered for decades. Some might call it hobby, some might call it pass-time medium or some might use it entertainment but when it comes to Kalpanik Games our work is our pleasure, passion, way of living and breath to live. Yes, u heard it right, for us working on ideas or creating something which is almost impossible makes us more enthusiastic and gives us a motive to work.

It is always said, always invest in such a business which can’t die, easily expand, can create miracles over night and which target masses as well as classes and will change with changing technology. We are giving and opportunity to investors who want to invest in successful entities for lucrative returns.

Kalpanik Games is a company which will not let you down. Kindly get in touch with our financial head for investment opportunities.

Kalpanik Games follows a work culture ’grow and let grow”. Millions of indie developers across world want to develop their games and want to give a blockbuster game to the industry. Every individual thinks different and great ideas can come from anyone. Many Indies fall short of money to publish and market their games and lack of customer base make their great games lost in crowd.

Kalpanik Games wants to partner with such Indies and help them to reach to their customers. With the help of a revenue sharing model we market your games in our pool of customers and make you reach to your dreams. Please get in touch for more details.
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